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Fall & Winter - Sign Up ongoing

Image result for registration forms clipartRegistration Form -  click to download & print


  • Print out forms
  • Fill out both pages for each skater
  • Page 1- Skater's information.
    • Note: Skate Canada membership fee is paid once a year between September 1 to August 31
  • Page 2 has the class schedule - Select the lesson you want
    • please note the arena you have chosen
  • Mark your calendars with "Dates to Remember" - report card dates and cancelled lessons 
  • Submit to the club Registrar

Late Registration?  Yes, we accept late registrations and pro-rate the fees as long as there are enough lessons remaining in the season to benefit your child.

You may register your child for more than one lesson each week !

Submit forms to the Registrar

By email (payment included)  to

In person at the arena prior to first lesson

Refund Policy:

No refunds for lessons will be issued, except for medical reasons, up to 21 days after your child begins lessons.  To request a refund, please submit the request in writing with the accompanying medical certificate to

Why this policy?  Our club takes pride in our flexibility; however, we are a not-for-profit organization that makes a commitment to our specially trained professional coaches when we hire them.  We cannot refund for lessons missed due to vacation or short-term illness.  If you anticipate being on extended holidays during the program, please contact us to discuss the vacation prior to signing up.


Dates to Remember

Contact Us

Have a question?

Our Registrar, Sonya can assist.  She is often at the rink or available by email:

Our CanSkate Head Coach, Tannis, can respond to any of your questions before or after lessons unless she is coaching other skaters.  Please feel free to ask your important questions.  


Figure Skating        


  1. Confirm your schedule with your coach.

  2. Mark your ice times listed on the Schedule - page #2. They must match your skating level & program requirements.

  3. Fill out both pages and submit before the first day of skating.

  4. Review the rules & mark the Dates to Remember on your calendar
    • Test days / competitions
    • Holidays - cancelled ice times / off ice times
  5. Submit any off-ice forms if you are in a program (Bronze to Diamond levels)

  6. Volunteer and you receive impressive club benefits (fall, winter and spring seasons !


Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond Program or Private skaters

REGISTRATION  - click to view

- page 2 contains schedule

OFF- ICE REGISTRATION - included in your invitation package
Volunteer Forms - available in your hand-delivered package


Our fees are based on the anticipated number of skaters and assumes that each skater will attend every lesson.  It is an individual choice to miss lessons due to illness, playing another sport, attending school activities, going on family vacations, or even going to a skating competition.  This is the only way we can manage the costs fairly for everyone.  Our refund policy allows for long-term illness or injury of a skater (please see the policy for details).

Refund Policy:

No refunds (or credits) for lessons or ice time will be issued, except for medical reasons.  To request a refund, please submit the request in writing with an accompanying medical certificate through the Registrar. Each request will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and considered based on a minimum of 5 consecutive absences due to the medical issue.

Missed Sessions:

There are no make-up sessions allowed for missed practices.  If you want extra practice due to an absence, you may buy-on to an additional session, as permitted.

Extra Practice = Buy On

All skaters may buy extra practice time on sessions appropriate to their skating skill and level (open, freeskate, multi, etc.).  The ice fee is at a “buy on” rate and paid at the music player area prior to stepping onto the ice.  To be coached during an extra practice time, a coach must agree in advance.  Please ask your coach before attending if you want extra coaching.

Out of Club Skaters

  • Must be currently registered with Skate Canada (for insurance purposes)
  • May register for the entire season (on OPEN ice) by submitting the 2 page registration form.  Fees will be pro-rated to the remaining number of sessions.

Buy Ons - are available on OPEN sessions, only

  • Please bring exact cash or cheque to pay for the session.

  • $10.50 for 45 mins/ $13.50 for 1 hour

  • Pay at the music area prior to stepping onto the ice.

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