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The North Surrey Skating Club is a volunteer organization which aims to keep fees reasonably priced.  Our programs are Skate Canada designed programs.  We support all ages of skaters who want to learn to skate, keep active and develop their figure skating skills.  Please look below for answers to your questions.

New Skaters -- see CanSkate (Learn-to-Skate) program

Figure Skaters -- see NSSC Figure Skating Programs

CanSkate - Learn to Skate FAQ's

What is CanSkate?

CanSkate is a learn to skate program developed for beginners of all ages.  Each skater progresses at their own rate. The program focuses on fun, participation and skill development. Badges and ribbons are earned when the fundamental skating skills of Agility, Balance and Control (ABC's) are learned.

Our club teaches the newly designed Skate Canada - CanSkate program.  Different stations are set up on the ice with a "fast track" around the outside.  Skills are taught at the stations and skaters have time to cruise around the fast track to up beat music before moving to a new station.  This new program gives skaters more time to enjoy and practice skills on wide open ice.  It also allows skaters to excel in different areas, earning ribbons as they go.  Achievement is continuously rewarded.

The lessons are led by our club's Skate Canada (NCCP) certified coaches. The professional coach to student ratio has maximum of 1:10. During CanSkate our professional coaches are assisted by our Club figure skaters who receive training as Program Assistants.  

CanSkate is one of the identification programs that leads to our Figure Skating programs.  It is also recognized by Hockey Canada as the best start for skating skills.

What ages can do CanSkate?

CanSkate is for children ages 3 and up, including teens and adults.  Yes, moms, dads, aunts, uncles and other family members are welcome to learn to skate with our club!  

How do I sign up?

Please go to the REGISTRATION tab and follow the instructions to select a lesson schedule that suits your needs. Complete the CanSkate registration forms and submit them to our Registrar.  Payment details are outlined on the forms.  If you want to sign up late, no problem!   Our Club pro-rates the fees to the number of lessons left for that season.  Information on how to contact our Registrar is on the registration form.  Current membership with Skate Canada is required and the fee included on the form.

When can we Register?

We are flexible!   ** We can and do accept registrations after the start date. **

Lessons are available throughout the year.  We have 3 "seasons":  Winter, Spring and Summer.

Registration for each season opens at least 2 weeks before each season starts.

The lesson fees will be pro-rated to the number of lessons left in the season.   If there are fewer than 5 lessons left in the season, you won't have enough time to learn and practice the skills.  In that case our coaches and registrar will advise you to wait for the next season.

What is the Skate Canada membership fee?

CanSkate is a Skate Canada program and each skater becomes a Skate Canada member.  This is required for insurance purposes.  At the moment, the membership fee is an annual fee valid from September to August 31st each year.  For example, if you register in the fall, your membership is good for Spring and Summer lessons until expiry on August 31st, the following calendar year.

The Skate Canada membership is transferable between Skate Canada clubs.  Your skater must simply be registered.

NSSC Figure Skating Programs

What's after CanSkate?

Figure Skating Programs

Once a skater shows they have the skills to start figure skating, our coaches will send out an invitation to join our Club's figure skating group program, typically at the Bronze level.


What are Group Programs?

Bronze, Silver, Goldand Diamond

Bronze, Silver, Gold  and Diamond programs are by coach invitation only.

Skaters can be assessed for the program upon request.  A coach arrange a meeting and evaluate the child to decide which program level is suitable.  It is based on the skater's age, skills and abilities.  Our programs follow the Skate Canada's Long Term Athlete Development model.

Each level is designed to fit a child's age and skating abilities.  Progression through the levels is an individual accomplishment guided by our professional coaches.

Our group lessons provide a team atmosphere and develops performance skills.  There include both on-ice and off-ice lessons.   Our coaches work in teams to provide a planned series of lessons.  Working with different coaches gives a skater the chance to experience different approaches to learning the same skills. The benefit of group lessons to the families is a reduced cost.

Skaters registered in group programs will be required to attend additional lessons as a Private skater, assigned to a base coach.  Typically private lessons begin once skaters reach the Silver level.  At this time competitions in the STARskate system are introduced.  Skaters compete locally and learn the art of performance in small group and then solo.

Pre-Teen, Teen and Adult Group Program

We offer a very popular teen and adult group lesson.  It's for those of us starting figure skating later in life.  It makes the experience comfortable and affordable  - a group lesson.  New skills are acquired such as spins and jumps.  It's great to practice alongside others of similar ability and size and age.  These skaters may also sign up for and pay a coach for private lessons.

What is a Private Skater or Private lessons?

Some skaters won't fit into our group programs or simply can't commit to their schedule.  We offer private lessons on 'open' sessions for these skaters.  The skater hires one of the coaches to teach in a semi-private or private lesson of 15 minutes or longer.  The skater buys the ice time from the club and pays the coach separately.   Some of our Open skaters compete in the disciplines of Interpretive, Ice Dance and Freeskate.

Program Skaters are also considered Private Skaters.  As part of their development plan, they are required to have practice and be coaches on a specific number of sessions based on their program level.     

When do competitions and testing start?

Early competitions are held locally in the StarSkate system.  As the skater ages and reaches a high skill level, they can move into the Competitive level.

All young skaters begin their performance / competition experience at the Star 1 level.  The StarSkate program provides a less intimidating experience for young skaters while they progress to the next level of individual performances with music.  The skaters are judged and recognized for their skill ability and awarded bronze, silver or gold ribbons depending on their performance that day.  Our coaches carefully lead the skaters through the StarSkate levels by setting goals that meet the skater's abilities and desire to learn.

Skaters can also be tested on their execution of skills in ice dance, interpretive and freeskate.  It's another way for each skater to see progress and be recognized for their efforts.  "Test Days" are divided into Low Test and High Test.  The younger skaters will take part in Low Test days.  The majority of our skaters are required to take ice dance in addition to freeskate.  We recognize the value that ice dance brings to skating skills.  We encourage ice dance as a way to develop control, footwork, deep edges and timing to music.

There is a growing number of Adult skaters in BC and competitions are held world wide.  It's never too late to start!

If you have any questions, please feel free speak to one of our coaches or feel free to contact us.


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